A very important piece of information.
Saturday, September 27, 2003
Ok I just figured it might be a good idea to let you girls in on a VERY USEFUL PIECE OF INFORMATION ( Trust me, it is a life saver). I am almost totaly sure that it will work. Do you have one of thase really bad teachers that won't let you go to the bathroom or go to your locker no matter how much you beg? If you do, just walk up to that teacher and tell your teacher that you have your monthly and you really need to change your tampon. Now if you aren't as open as you would need to be to say that, try looking and acting REALLY embaressed, and stutter a little bit. You don't even have to say what you "have to do", you could just say something like, "Um... can I, um... I really need to, um, well change my um...", and beleive me if your teacher has a brain in their skull they will let you go! This I have found from my own personal experience that this works exeptionly well if the teacher involed happens to be a male. Also if your teacher doesn't let you go, it perfectly alright for you to go to your parents, counsellor, who ever and tell them that you had your period and your mean, dumb, rug-munching teacher would not let you go to the washroom to change your tampon that you really did need to change beacuse in all honesty you were about to burst. With any luck your teacher will be informed of his or her wrong doings and will be corrected. A WORD OF WARNING: BE SURE TO NOT USE THIS EXCUSE ON ANY GIVEN TEACHER MORE THAN ONCE A MONTH. THE COULD LEAD TO DISATERIOS RESULTS, I.E PRICIPALS OFFICE

P.S: This will not work if you are a bo

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